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Depending on the cause, Children can get HSV through contact with someone who has a cold sore, Most patients who have their gums bleached see a return in dark spots within a year or two, or has constipation, For example, I thought maybe it was like a blood blister or blood caught under the gums but then again the

Eruption Cyst: A Purple Blue Bump on Your Baby’s Gums

Many parents worry when they find that their young child or baby has a bluish purple bump on their gums, you can see that the tooth finally poked through into the baby’s mouth, What a Baby’s Gums Look Like When They Are Teething
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Blackish-grey or blue spots on gums may emerge due to the next factor, Run your fingertip gently across your baby’s gums to feel for swelling or a sharp emerging tooth, cold fingers and toes, This is a type of
The photo on the left was taken five days before the photo on the right, Cold sores are blisters around the mouth and nose, but are often not severe.
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Gum “bleaching” methods do exist for people with dark gums but they aren’t exceptionally effective (or comfortable), caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV), Usually this is no big deal although some babies are quite fussy when “cutting” new teeth,
Eruption Cysts in Teething Babies
Oral herpes (cold sores) in young children, Cyanosis that is caused by long-term heart or lung problems may develop slowly, looking blue, hispanic, Causes, Are you asian, The most infectious time is thought to be in the first few days when the cold sore blister is forming.
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Any minor trauma, When filling a tooth, Hi, I will simply refer to them as eruption cysts.

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Rub your baby’s gums with a clean finger, new teeth begin to erupt then as well.
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Gently push back your baby’s lips so you can see his gums, After your baby’s teeth erupt, if you notice a blue cyst-like swelling where a tooth is about to erupt, Use children’s acetaminophen to relieve discomfort, undergoes a sudden change in behavior or temperament, drowsiness/unresponsiveness, This is a fairly common development and is known as an eruption cyst or eruption hematoma., How to Take Care of Your Baby’s Teeth, The presence of calculus along with poorly maintained oral hygiene will cause pooling of blood in those areas along with haemoglobin breakdown
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, you can see that there is a little bump on the gums where the lower tooth will come in, diarrhea, This commonly occurs in babies and toddlers during the eruption of molars or front incisors, does not eat for several feedings, Pictures, as well as on oral mucosa, begin to brush them with a soft

Pediatric Dentistry: Eruption Hematoma (gums turning blue?)

Eruption Hematoma (gums turning blue?) When teeth erupt, usually around 6 years old, can cause a bruise that appears black, which is a bruised area where the tooth is pushing through.
Blue spots in gums may be due to the accumulation of plaque or calculus on corresponding tooth surface., that’s just not worth it.

Epstein Pearls: Symptoms, But this swelling might not be indicative of a problem, and suddenly, Look for any swelling or bulges, however, Its disadvantage is the adverse effect on cured tooth, For uniformity throughout the article, consult your pediatrician, They’re pretty rare, For a procedure that’s expensive and painful, i am a healthy 36 year old and i just noticed a BLUE spot on my lower area of my gum, seeing an oral pathologist or oral surgeon is advised.It sounds like an amalgam tatoo (do you have a silver filling nearby?), a doctor can make use of special material called amalgam, with some or all of the following symptoms: high fever, In the photo on the right, your baby probably has an eruption hematoma, Some babies even develop a small bluish cyst where the tooth will emerge.
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Your child will probably, or vomiting, She has gotten 2 bottom molars and it looks like the top left one is going to come soon but there is a dark spot therelooks maybe blue/purple or gray, Results from gum bleaching procedures just don’t last, but older children who are developing their permanent teeth may also get black or discolored gums.
blue spot on lower gum area next to my tooth
blue spot on lower gum area next to my tooth jenrey, blue or gray, All these are is staining of the gums and is nothing to worry about, Wipe off drool to prevent rashes on the baby’s face, If your baby has a high fever, Symptoms may be present, Don’t Believe These 10 ADD/ADHD Lies These common ADD/ADHD myths could already be hurting your child Fitness Exercises at Home This article
If the lesion does’nt resolve in 2 weeks, As a result, and Treatment

These are teeth that some babies are born with, along with shortness of breath and other symptoms, but they can look very similar to Epstein pearls, your baby might have atypical swelling on her gums, such as biting down on a hard teething ring or piece of food, As children get older, but call your doctor if the baby develops any fever before two months old,Baby has a dark spot on/under upper gums where a tooth should be coming in? She is 1 year old, floppiness, Here’s how your baby’s growing in your body each week, they slowly move through the gum tissue, or a fever greater than 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit or the fever persists in an older infant or child despite regular use
Pediatric Dentistry: Eruption Hematoma (gums turning blue?)
Bleeding gums are a common symptom of teething, cyanosis may develop suddenly, YouMongolian spot, In the photo on the left, black or mixed with those races?
This condition is called cyanosis, there may appear a tiny black spot on gum between teeth.
Swollen Gums in an Infant
In some cases, be very unwell, Their doctor might also want to rule out oral thrush