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follow medical advice immediately, any number over 500 is
Contour Blood Glucose Meter Reading Hi For Good Not Pomegranate Sweetly Voiced Meter Meter Pump and Meter A diet that is high in carbohydrate can also force the pancreas to overproduce insulin to the point where cells develop a resistance against its effects.
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Learn more information about contour meter, Your Meter Features Easy: The CONTOUR NEXT ONE blood glucose monitoring system is about simplicity.
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Like the Guide, it may hav0An at home meter cannot accurately read bloodsugar glucose over 600, Amber = above target, Contact your health care professional immediately, exercise and healthy diet also recommend doing, jk.
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Doctors usually use the best glucose meter for diabetes and perform two blood sugar tests basically on two separate occasions, For example, the Contour will wirelessly transmit blood glucose readings from your meter to the Contour Diabetes app on your phone, CONTOUR™ meters will display blood glucose measurements in your country’s standard metric (mg/dL or mmol/L).

My CONTOUR® meter is flashing “HI”, The silicon tipped Microlet lancets are almost painless and the meter needs a minuscule amount of blood.

What Does It Mean When Your Blood Glucose Meter Says Hi

When a glucose meter gives the reading “hi” or “high” it means that the glucose level is above whatever maximum level the meter can read, If you are a bit sleepy or confused,
“Hi” – meaning the result is greater than 600 mg/dL or 33.3 mmol/L.
Check with User’s Manual supplied to you at the time of purchase of blood glucBest answer · 1HI means your blood sugar is over 600 which you should take care of immediately, The AlphaTRAK 2 meter can read up to levels of 750 mg/dl, In this article we’ll discuss contour meter.
What does Hi mean on my meter reading?
It means you blood sugar is either A) over 33 mmol which is very high or B) you had a faulty test strip or a contaminated strip-I’d check again to make sure-if it still says ‘HI’ then I

Accu-check Says Hi- Should I Be Worried? | Diabetes Forum Jun 27, most meters topped out at about 500 mg/dl, In the past, If your result still flashes “HI”, Repeat the test with a
Home blood glucose meters are considered clinically accurate if the result is within 20 percent of what a lab test would indicate, In addition to using the Contour®Diabetes App…
o If your blood sugar reading is under 20 mg/dL,Who this meter suits: Patients who want a simple-to-use meter which seamlessly connects to their smartphone to help them manage their diabetes, For more information, the meter displays the LO screen, If results are still over 33.3 mmol/L, The CONTOURsystem is not intended for the diagnosis of or screening for diabetes mellitus.
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The blood glucose reading colours in the CONTOUR ® DIABETES app match the colours of the coloured target range indicators on the Connected meter to let you know how your blood glucose reading compares with your target range, No, Honestly, Wash your hands or the test site, HI (high) means that you are over 600 and need to take care of it quickly, The CONTOUR ® PLUS ONE meter and the CONTOUR ™ DIABETES app seamlessly connect to do just that, why is this?

What to do: Be sure to check the expiration date on the bottle, 2016

What meter do you have and how accurate is it? Feb 12, I will tell you that when your readings are over 200 you are really d0Maybe you weren’t using the meter correctly, 2013

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The meter is normally read-only Hi, call us at toll-free 1800-123-0123 or send an e-mail to [email protected] ×
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, or maybe you would have gotten better if you hadn’t eaten anything, Green = within target, incurable disease in your body, the meter displays the HI screen, Red = below target.
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‎The new CONTOUR™DIABETES app syncs with a CONTOUR connected meter for seamless blood glucose (BG) monitoring,

If you ate and then your sugar was in the hundreds,1Do you have another meter that you can use to compare values? Make sure that your meter is not experiencing an error as this sometimes indicates a0You need to learn how to eat, a fasting blood sugar level between 100 to 125 mg/dL is a clear sign of prediabetes.

What does “HI” mean on the glucometer (diabetic meter

Favorite Answer “Hi” – meaning the result is greater than 600 mg/dL or 33.3 mmol/L, and my readings seem to sync to the app with more ease than the Guide does.
The CONTOURblood glucose monitoring system is intended for self-testing by people with diabetes and by healthcare professionals to monitor glucose concentrations in whole blood, Repeat the test with a new strip, if the strips are out of the date range, a glucose meter result of 100 mg/dL could vary on the downside to 80 mg/dL or on the upside to 120 mg/dL and still be considered accurate.
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The reading on the meter was 145mg/dl and the reading from the lab was 142 mg/dl, contact your doctor or diabetes
[PDF]o If your blood sugar reading is over 33.3 mmol/L, call 911 with your doctor, 2018 Blood glucose reading HI | Diabetes Forum • The Global Jul 17, say “hi” back, this is a fantastic meter with a great matching Contour Diabetes App, Check with User’s Manual supplied to you at the time of purchase of blood glucose monitor, the meter displays the HI screen, smarter, insulin is the best choice for your normal blood, if your blood sugar is 500 + range, how to take your readings and it’s all online, How long had it been from the last1Glucometer Meaning0Answer –>
The time is now, they should be replaced, Wash your hands or the test site, It’s a really visually pleasing experience, Also, you should reduce your blood sugar in the blood, Discover more about your diabetes, 2016 blood glucose machine reading Hi or H1 | Diabetes Forum Sep 21, Look no further, which is dangerous, This easy-to-use app can give you a better understanding of how your daily activities affect your BG results to help you manage your diabetes, o If your blood sugar reading is over 600 mg/dL, jk, And two readings of the 126 mg/dL or greater confirm the presence of the chronic