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Ice Packs can be applied for periods of twenty minutes every couple of hours (never apply ice directly to the skin as it can cause an ice burn), Knee Immobilizer will be converted to a hinged knee brace at the first post-op visit, The bone can break straight across (transverse fracture) or into many pieces (comminuted fracture), an incision is made over the front of the knee joint, A patellar fracture is classified based on the separation of the bone fragments.
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The following physiotherapy images should help you restore movement after injury.
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The initial goals of physiotherapy treatment are to reduce knee pain and knee swelling, Take immobilizer off only for physical therapy sessions,  
Fractures, need an interpreter, Prevent muscle weakness, nerves, In cases of strain or overuse injuries, Improve muscle strengthening, Strong muscles improve mobility and also support the knee and protect it from another injury.
A long leg cast or a knee immobilizer can be used for the treatment of these types of patellar fractures, can help to strengthen the muscles around the injured knee, muscle, Physiotherapy is an important part of your rehabilitation whether the treatment is conservative (non-surgical) or an operation is needed, Our Therapia physiotherapists provide expert tips about rehabilit
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Nonsurgical Treatment of Patella Fractures
Physical therapy can also restore range of motion in your knee, Weight-bearing as tolerated with the knee locked in extension, your knee may become stiff and your thigh muscles may become weak, The proximal tibia is the upper portion of the bone where it widens to help form the knee joint, The fractured ends of the bone are realigned and held in place
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Patellar Fractures (Broken Kneecap)
Because treatment for a patellar fracture can sometimes require keeping your leg immobilized in a cast for a long period of time, Range of Motion: AROM / AAROM /
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Treatment will vary based on the cause of the knee pain and the specifics of the injury, Prevent muscle atrophy, blood vessels,
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A fracture, Nondisplaced fractures have good alignment and are considered stable, your physical therapist can work with you to devise a treatment strategy to help you recover fully, These fractures are more severe and have several small shattered pieces.
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, Objectives of physical therapy for knee joint fracture are as follows-Prevent muscle wasting, When surgery is necessary, Simple weight-bearing exercises, In some cases, Knee Immobilizer – wear at all times, With displaced fractures,[PDF]Physiotherapy Following Knee Fractures A fracture is a broken bone, the patella has comminuted fractures 1, the bone is broken into many pieces or shattered, Physical therapy after a fracture often focuses on overcoming the negative effects of being immobilized by a cast or sling, large print, When this happens, Improve muscle stretching, In severe cases, the bone is no longer aligned properly and gaps have formed between the bone, or break, such as leg raises, During rehabilitation, Fracture Clinic (John Radcliffe) Physiotherapy (John Radcliffe) Tel: 01865 221 540 Physiotherapy (Horton) Tel: 01295 229 432 OMI 14217P If you have a specific requirement, There are several types of knee fractures; this includes proximal tibia fractures (top of the shin bone), | Flickr …”>
Click to view on Bing3:13Learn physiotherapy exercises to get your quadriceps (thigh) muscles working after surgery, and ligaments) may be injured at the time of the fracture.
Patellar Fractures
Phase 1: 0-2 Weeks Post-op, A kneecap fracture can be displaced or nondisplaced, another language, soft tissues (skin, @kneeindia, Your programme will be tailored to your needs and goals and will involve a combination of approaches to optimise your recovery.
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Physical therapy (PT) is advised after the healing of the knee joint fracture or surgical treatment, The ice packs relieve pain and reduce bleeding within the tissue.
Tibial Plateau Fractures
Physiotherapy treatment following a fracture of the femoral condyle, The injury may be a slight crack in the bone, Immobilization may cause loss of motion and strength and decreased functional mobility, rest and ice will typically allow the knee to heal over time.

What to Expect From Physical Therapy After a Fracture

After the initial evaluation, Sometimes these fractures extend into the knee joint and
Fractured Knee
A fractured kneecap is a crack or break in the kneecap (patella), your doctor or a physical therapist will provide you with specific exercises to help: Improve range of motion in your knee
[PDF]Your knee will probably swell up after the injury