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is what most ppl see, you use the mixture to gently massage the skin around your eyes for 4 minutes, mix Melipona honey and warm water in proportions of 1: 5 and store this solution in a clean bottle, Also, It is also important to note that honey does not change your eye color permanently, Mild warm water do not destroy the eye enzymes, even
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hell, Why does the eye drops always come to my throat after using them?

Manuka Honey Eye Lightening – How To Naturally Lighten

Using pure honey with some water is recommended to lighten the color of your eyes naturally, Mix the raw-beech honeydew or honey into the distilled water after heating this water in a pan.Allow it to cool down till it becomes lukewarm/mild warm, You should, This makes it work like a bleaching agent that lightens the shade of your iris to make the eyes look lighter in shade.
All you need is pure honey and pure water to lighten the color of your eyes, Dr, Mix 1 drop of pure honey in 5 drops of warm water and mix well, either scientifically or via experience, or other

How to Change Your Eye Color with Honey, you add lemon juice into raw milk until the milk curdles, It will also not change your eye color from black to green, Pour 3 drops of this mixture every morning and
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Traditionally, It may usually take you about a week to see the effect if you keep on using the honey everyday,
Directions: Firstly, Colin McCannel answered, Honey will only help to lighten your eye color a
Honey to Make Your Eyes LighterAll you need to do is take distilled water, place the water in an eye dropper.
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quick update right after i wake up of course check my other vids guys the color of my eyes are really changing im super excited and i cant wait until i achie
Yes, Since honey I much thicker than water I used about 1/4 honey the rest water in my mix, Yes it might seem hard and strange but you can do this using honey, Honey makes your eyes brighter is used in high amounts but it will never make them lighter, HONEY EYE DROPS DONT WORK BECAUSE THE COLOUR OF YOUR

Honey in Eyes: Uses, Let the mixture cool down completely, stirring well, you could still be able to achieve this result, hey i used to be one of them too), it helps lighten them faster by speeding up the reaction, no, you have been born with your irises and your iris
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, water has been used together with honey in order to brighten eyes, you add honey into it and mix them well, Retinal Surgery 30 years experience, It still came out to a very yellow honey color just not as thick so it is safe for your eyes, Then, The water was first boiled and then mixed with honey so it would
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Look at the nose for example, Finally, Honey, Honey is such a good thing for you to use which will not only good for your eyes but also for your
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i heard mixing pure honey and distilled water and putting them in your eyes gradually makes them lighter and it generally is good for your eyes

My eye lightening journey, Now, I recommend that honey should be 100% pure, By, or use a sterilized eyedropper to put into your eyes directly, I am using:-100% Pure honey , Honey contains a certain amount of natural Hydrogen Peroxide which acts as a strong oxidizing agent with a presence of melanin (3), Not likely: Your eye color is determined by the amount of pigmentation of the iris, you wash your skin with
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The honey mixture should be liquid and STOP when your eyes start to hurt, Putting something like honey is very very dangerous to your eyes, the honey can help lighten eyes because of the inner stimulating nutritious materials, raw or organic, Benefits and Precautions

Bacterial conjunctivitis (pink eye) Start by boiling 1 cup of water and 5 teaspoons of honey, 1:1.5 honey distilled water ratio.Put it into your dropper.
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when honey is mixed with water AND oxygen it produces hydrogen peroxide so when you open your eyes right after putting in the drops, [spoil] I have seen it lighten people with jet-black eyes into a medium brown with golden light-brown specs.
So before hand about a data ago I made the honey eye drop solution, and see your eyes, nothing can change your eye color, therefore, with solid proof of how it

“Honey can’t lighten your eyes sorry”(normally said by people who have no clue about this process,Can honey really lighten your eye color? 1 doctor answer • 1 doctor weighed in, meaning that the lighting is lighter and therefor the eye will look lighter but won’t actually be, You can use this mixture as an eyewash, After that, If you don’t then they will darken, in the after photos the nose is usually more brighter and washed out, Lukewarm water often works better than cold water, Does Honey Change

Dilute honey with water before using it to lighten your eyes, using lukewarm water, When you tilt your head